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PF Advantage

Field proven over millions of acres!


The PFadvantage monitor is user friendly.

The PFadvantage monitor features a large, easy-to-read back-lit display with simple, intuitive fingertip controls. It allows you to display field maps, yield data, application prescriptions, etc. Automatic memory backup ensures your data is secure. Upgrades are as easy as downloading updates from the Ag Leader website.

Cross-platform flexibility

Unlike some proprietary systems, the PFadvantage monitor was engineered to monitor/control virtually all major application/rate controllers on any type of equipment – from planter drives to sprayers to anhydrous applicators and injection controllers. That gives you the flexibility to develop planting, fertilizer and chemical prescriptions based on your fall harvest data – regardless of what color your equipment is painted.

The Power of Information

By itself, the PFadvantage monitor is a powerful yield and moisture monitor. Add GPS and you begin to understand the power of the PFadvantage system. Variable rate application. Yield mapping. Gridding for soil sampling. Field marking and mapping. Precise hybrid, fertilizer and chemical records. The information you gather helps you make better decisions on inputs, tiling, irrigation and hybrid harvesting sequence. Decision-tools that can make you more profitable.

Turning Information into Profits

Without the PFadvantage system, you only know you’ve harvested 135 bu/acre over 400 acres of corn.

With the PFadvantage system, you know 200 acres are yielding 170 bu/acre and 200 are yielding 100 bu/acre. By analyzing your information, you estimate that you can increase yield in the low-yield areas by 20 bu/acre simply by improving drainage.

20 bu/acre x 200 acres x $2.30 corn = $9200. Subtract the cost of tiling the affected areas and take the rest to your bottom line – every year. That’s just one example of turning information into profits.


  • Grain yield and moisture monitoring – with or without GPS.
  • Cotton yield monitoring.
  • As-applied mapping lets you record actual application rates.
  • Application control allows you to vary your application rate manually or through prescriptions written to a memory card.
  • Site verification records locations of different hybrids, fertilizers or chemicals.
  • Gridding for soil sampling lets you load in pre-recorded grids or create grids in the field using field boundary maps.
  • Navigation helps guide the operator to gridded or manually entered points.
  • Built-in field marking capability allows you to mark for field hazards or areas of special interest.
  • On-screen map gives you a swath-based coverage map, boundary map or to-be-applied target rate map.
  • Large graphics display with the ability to view four on-the-go user defined values at once.
  • Easy operation through clear onscreen messages.
  • Adjustable display back lighting for better visibility in day and night conditions.
  • Automatic memory backup ensures complete data security.
  • Upgradeable through memory card.
  • Two-year warranty.
Hardware Features
  • Large backlit graphics display
  • Adjustable backlight level
  • 15-key backlit keypad
  • Heavy-duty power switch
  • Heady-duty master switch with status indicator lights
  • 25-pin main connector
  • 15-pin GPS port (Aux 1)
  • 15-pin I/O port (Aux 2)
  • (3) 9-pin ports for expanded use
  • Protective molded port covers
  • Impact resistant housing
  • (4) Threaded inserts on back for mounting
  • Memory card slot supporting ATA Flash memory cards
  • Plug compatible with YM2000, PF3000, Pro for easy upgrade path
  • 2-year warranty backed by the best support in the industry


Grain Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader is most widely-used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. Only Ag Leader provides yield monitoring for nearly all combines made in the last 25 years. The PFadvantage can monitor the wide range of crops that a combine can harvest, including small grains, corn, soybeans, rice, and even grass seed.

Yield Monitoring

The PFadvantage will display and record yield, moisture, combine speed, grain flow, acres, distance, wet bushels, dry bushels, and acres per hour, plus more. It organizes data by year, farm, field, grain, and load for easy identification. Data can be transferred to a computer to print summaries of all fields.

Yield Mapping

Add GPS and memory card and the PFadvantage will automatically record the instantaneous information to print yield and moisture maps. As a mapping system, the PFadvantage will perform all the monitoring features above, plus create an on-screen field map and allow spot marking of rocks, holes, etc. to show up on your yield map.

Cotton Yield Monitoring

The PFadvantage provides all the yield related information in the cotton picker cab. Collect yield maps for management decisions with optional GPS products from Ag Leader Technology. With the PFadvantage, you can now benefit from precision farming practices on your cotton farm year round.

Also, use the PFadvantage in the planter tractor to record where different hybrids were planted for hybrid yield comparison in SMS software. The PFadvantage is ready to be used as a master controller for variable rate application in your applicator equipment.

Ag Leader provides a one-company, one-monitor precision farming solution for your cotton harvester, combine, sprayer, and your tractor. No other company offers this range of versatility.

Application Control

The PFadvantage is designed for year round use, in the tractor, sprayer, and combine, or even on an ATV. Install the PFadvantage and GPS receiver in your tractor or sprayer and record "as-applied" rates as well as control the actual application rate. Save crop-input costs by applying a variable rate with prescription maps. Automatic application rate control, using prescription maps, is possible while simultaneously recording actual application rates. Just connect the PFadvantage to a controller with a serial port and the monitor sets the rate based on GPS position.

With the advent of GMO hybrids and varieties, it is more important than ever to keep track of where your crops are planted. It is a simple a entering your hybrid or variety names into the PFadvantage and log planting locations as you plant. We call this "Site Verification" mapping.


Both as-applied maps and site verification maps are read into Ag Leader's SMS system. The data is organized by year, field, and product name. SMS lets you manage and track your fields and products as well as create prescription maps.

Rawson Planter Control

Ag Leader Technology's PFadvantage is taking planting and fertilizer application to a new level of precision and simplicity by integrating the capability to directly control the Rawson Accu-Rate hydraulic drive, without the Rawson Accu-Rate console. This was made possible through cooperative efforts Of Ag Leader Technology and Rawson Control Systems.

How it works

The PFadvantage sets the hydraulic drive rpm based on ground speed, swath and specified planting or fertilizing rate. The rate is set manually by the operator or automatically from a prescription file on a memory card for variable rate control. In addition, the PFadvantage will log the As Applied or As Planted rate and do Lightbar guidance, all at the same time. The PFadvantage directly controls the Accu-Rate drive on planters and pull type dry and liquid fertilizer applicators. In addition, the PFadvantage provides the same setup and calibration functions as the Accu-Rate console in one easy-to-use setup screen.

Reduce Costs and Cab Clutter

You can save $985 by purchasing an Accu-Rate drive system without the Accu-Rate console. Also eliminate the costs of buying multiple monitors for GPS, Lightbar or variable-rate data logging functions. The PFadvantage does all these functions simultaneously, but without the added cost of multiple monitors.


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