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AgLeader EZ-Guide 500


EZ-Guide® 500 Guidance System

Looking to meet the demands of today's precision ag users, Ag Leader has introduced the EZ-Guide 500 guidance system. The Ag Leader EZ-Guide 500 features a large, easy-to-read 7-inch color display and a built-in lightbar with 31 guidance LED's that are highly visible even in bright light. The display provides users an "overhead" or "perspective" view of the operation while the map view provides a real-time, color coverage map. The unit supports multiple guidance patterns and also records data from field operations that can be transferred to a PC via a USB flash drive.

The EZ-Guide 500 is Easy to Read
  • Easy-to-see, large color display.
  • On-screen mapping with perspective and plan-view maps with zoom capabilities to always see where you are and what you are doing.
  • View coverage maps in real time.
  • Superior brightness/contrast makes it easy to view in direct sunlight.
The EZ-Guide 500 Meets Your Precision Needs
  • Provides on screen map of guidance patterns.
  • Enables you to save multiple guidance patterns.
  • Can perform contour guidance in odd shaped fields.
  • Record data from field operations and transfer to PC via a USB flash drive.
  • OnPath technology providing guidance even without differential.
  • Outputs NMEA position data to other equipment such as the Insight display for SeedCommand, DirectCommand and yield monitoring.
  • Outputs simulated radar signal.
  • Function buttons provide GPS status information, setup and help information with one button press.
  • Choose between EZ-Mode for simplified setup or Advanced Mode for full-featured setup and operation.
  • User-definable swath width.
  • Audible alarm for off-swath alert and headlands crossing with optional remote.
Guidance Even Without Differential

OnPath advanced filtering technology is standard with the EZ-Guide 500 giving high quality pass-to-pass accuracy when operating in areas where obstructions such as trees or buildings are blocking satellite signals.

GPS Options

The EZ-Guide 500 is available with two different GPS options. Depending on their accuracy needs, users can choose between an EZ-Guide 500 capable of using the free WAAS signal, which provides 6-8 inch pass-to-pass accuracy or an EZ-Guide 500 capable of using the OmniStar HP/XP subscription service for 2-4 inch or 3-5 inch pass-to-pass accuracy.



The practical, affordable, accurate assisted steering system made for your equipment.


The EZ-Boom automated boom switching and liquid rate controller makes liquid application simple and easy.

T2 Controller

T2 Controller provides terrain compensation for the EZ-Guide 500 guidance system.


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